RPG game ~Sacrifises - Part 1 - Start of a New Republic ~

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RPG game ~Sacrifises - Part 1 - Start of a New Republic ~

Post by Darth_Beroya » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:36 am

The year is 200 ABY. The galaxy is in a relative state of peace. The Jedi Order is flourishing and the appearance of Dark Siders has been almost null over the past few years. Though just because a direct evil isn't visible, doesn't mean that others are not present. Jedi are called upon daily to be dispatched to distant worlds and fulfill their true purpose as keepers of the peace. Their lives are those of servitude and dedication. Even though the Order is strong, the need for skilled Jedi Knights has never been so high. Internal conflicts rip at individual planets and their respective systems. It is put upon the Jedi Order, led by Grand Master Tenro, to maintain order and peace.

Welcome to the Jedi Temple. Here you will train to become a more compitent Jedi, a skilled tactician, warrior, and diplomat. Whether you decide to train with other apprentices or go on missions is completely up to you. However missions will be decided and made up by me, the GM.

This RPG is strictly AU. Any interaction with established characters is completely up to you, however just keep in mind the time period. This particular RP is for fun. Be respectful to your fellow players and you will get the same in return. Any conflicts between players may be resolved in PM's and if that doesnt suffice then I will step in. For the most part though we shouldn't have many problems. If you want it to... this RP can expand a bit on a character you already use in other RP's. It is completely up to you. Heres the rules...

No excessive swearing. The characters in this RP are Jedi after all. Keep it realistic to the genre.
God Modding is ALLOWED!! I repeat. GOD MODDING. IS Allowed. However... to a certain extent. If you are on a mission by yourself then feel free to god mod your silly RP'ing little hearts out. On the flip side, while interacting with other characters being controlled by players, God modding is disabled. This keeps the fun factor up in that you can explore your own characters skills and show off a bit to others showing how good you are. But just remember, just about everyone thinks their characer is the best. So my challange to the masses is to see who the better Rp'ers are by coming up with unique ways to define your individual characters.[ALL Character sheets will be approved by me BEFORE. I say again. BEFORE you post it on the thread.
While God modding is allowed, no single Force using character will know EVERYTHING there is to know. In fact, my character will hold sessions for training with specialized powers. These powers will be made by me, however suggestions on such things will be welcome in a PM later. If your character wants to learn said powers, they will have to attend.

There will be allowed Dark Siders. But only in a limited amount. The Jedi always have their natural enemies around plotting against them. Interaction with dark siders will be one of those instances where god modding is OFF. No one is invincible in the face of other players. Not even the Grand Jedi Master, played by myself. The Dark siders should be aware that this is primarily a Jedi based game so due to the lack of dark side numbers, Full out attacks on the Jedi Order is not advised. The players going down the path of the dark side will just have to get crafty and creative in the ways that they decide to engage Jedi. Make it fun, but keep it realistic. I will ration the number of sith/darksiders, first come first serve.

There will be a maximum of 3 Jedi Masters. Depending on how many character sheets I get, that may be subject to change. The majority of the Order will be Knights and Padawans. I welcome the aspect of Master/padawan relationships as it furthers player interaction.

Should I get a lot of character sheets, which is of course what I am hoping for... I will impliment a more solid story at a later date. Also should the game take off like I am hoping, A skill point system will be implimented based on what your characters are capable of. This will of course be customizable by you, the player.

While this game is set in AU, the Coruscant Jedi Temple will be the main training ground. No planet or system is off limits. But as always, Coruscant will be the galactic HUB.

Charecter Sheet

---Gender: (Male or Female)
-----Eye Color:
------Hair Color and Style:
-------Skin Complexion:
------------Force Sensitive: (Yes or No)


Personal StarShip
---Exterior Description:
----Interior Description:
-----Weapon Systems:
------Crew Compliment:
-------Hyperspace Capability:
--------Misc. Specs.:

Biography (I suggest your history be brief. Please state your military experience if applicable, also please state any trauma that effects your character's actions or personality.)
-Brief History:
--Military History:
---Traumatic Experiences:

Jedi/Sith/Rogue Force-User
-Lightsaber Blade Color: (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Viridian, Cyan, Blue, Violet, Silver)
--Lightsaber Type: (Single, Dual [2x], Double Bladed)
---Hilt Description:
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Re: RPG game ~Sacrifises - Part 1 - Start of a New Republic ~

Post by Darth_Beroya » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:40 am

Send me a PM with your charecter sheet and we'll play.
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Re: RPG game ~Sacrifises - Part 1 - Start of a New Republic ~

Post by Darth_Beroya » Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:53 am

Charecter Sheet

Name: Zandar Riku
--Age: 28
---Gender: Male
----Species: Human
-----Eye Color: Blue
------Hair Color and Style: Black Spiked Hair
-------Skin Complexion: Skin is Tan
--------Clothing: Anakins Robe in Episode III
---------Physique: Slim, athletic body
----------Personality: Nice when its convient for him
-----------Habits: Repairing or building ships
------------Force Sensitive: Yes

-Weapons: Lightsaber
--Items: N/A
--Other: A Buzz driod he carrys around with him.

Personal StarShip
-Name: Starliner 52
--Class: Attack Cruiser
---Exterior Description: Sleek finish and guns at the ready.
----Interior Description: Fancy interior with a security system
-----Weapon Systems: Top of the Line
------Crew Compliment: Loyal Crew
-------Hyperspace Capability: High, very fast
--------Misc. Specs:

-Brief History: When Zandar was ten he witnessed his parents murder, making him evil.
--Military History: Severed in the Imperial Order for 3 years
---Traumatic Experiences: Watched the Murder of his Parents

Rogue Force-User
-Lightsaber Blade Color: Viridian
--Lightsaber Type: Double Bladed
---Hilt Description: Black Hilt
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