Distress Signal (return of Evils Pureness)

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Distress Signal (return of Evils Pureness)

Post by LoneWolf » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:25 pm

now, in a time of need, Earth being under attack by many enemies at the same time, and nobody currently helping them, who would answer the distress call?

the call thats being brodcast is:
"I am Odious, Public Ambassador of a planet called Earth. attached to this wave is the coordinates to find us. we are under attack, by an overwhelming force of evil. most of these enemies are people who could not stand on their own. one of these enemies, you may recognize, are the Yuzhaan Vong. we need support, and we need it before i had to send this. if anyone reads me, please come ready for a greatly large battle."

after that, you talk to other jedi, and try to figure out what to do (or however you have conferences).

the next step is up to you.
In order to punish you, you must understand your sins. since you have no comprehension of what sin is, I must take you to learn my ways against your will, much like people do all the time.

sound familiar?

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