Foul Will

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Foul Will

Post by LoneWolf » Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:12 pm

this is one of the Dark Hero stories. this one, containing more "Darth Odious" than anyone else, is one of the things where he tries to do some personal fun, but is unsuccesful in avoiding conflict. its long, and may have details left out. please ask questions if i did, or if i wasnt clear, (or just holla at me to talk)

The Dark Heroes were all given a vacation of sorts. Major Kramer was sent to Afghanistan with no help, Haine went to see a Magic School, and Vahyman went to Soviet Georgia to wash away some gangsters without a name. Odious and Juliasana went with Magdalena to visit Lady Rose and her people. This time it was a social visit.
While on the way, the relationship between Odious and Juliasana would tighten and bond to a strength more powerful than anything. Eventually there are problems. Gangs start to show up, terrorism sparks on neighboring worlds, settlers on the opposite side attempt to wage war, and Odious loses his patience with it all. Will his foul will and desire ruin any hope of a peaceful existence on Balkadaan?
As a good faith, Odious delivers a book of blueprints for war machinery, such as the modern weapons of earth, some of the KramerTech designs, and the prints for different aircraft and ATV’s. eventually, the plans become a target for theft. Will the security be enough to keep the plans safe?

Part One: Welcome Back Killer
Darth Odious: I stepped down from the ship I call the Traveler. I spotted Lady Rose, looking as well as she did last time I saw her. Magdalena ran to her and gave her a hug. It seemed like everyone was happy. Then Lady Rose had this suspicion about me that I could see in her eyes.
“What brings you here this time?â€
In order to punish you, you must understand your sins. since you have no comprehension of what sin is, I must take you to learn my ways against your will, much like people do all the time.

sound familiar?

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