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Animology Test

Post by Plo Koon » Mon Jun 06, 2005 12:10 pm

This is an anemology test. Animology is a test you take to find out what animal and color of animal you are, and your profile. It also shows what animology (animal and color) your soul mate is, and the animology of people you have conflicts with. Remember, this test is FOR FUN only. Please don't take it seriously but DO answer the questions honestly. It's easy, don't worry. Here's an example:

0) You are:

a) Smart (Go to question 17)

b) Dumb (Go to question 9)

c) Weird (Go to Profile D)

You only choose ONE from the choices. For example, you choose a, which is Smart, so you have to do what the order in the parenthesis tells you to do: Go to question 17. As you can see, this example is labeled number 0…. The number of the question is right there, before the question itself… Now, if you chose letter C, which is weird, it says to go to Profile D, which is in the PROFILE PAGE.. Profile means your animology, so just go to the profiles (which are after the questions) and find Profile D…. SIMPLE! So, enjoy the animology quiz. (BTW- I'm a Blue Fox!-Anim8ed)
1) Would you classify yourself as someone who is involved in sports? (Ex. You take soccer)

a) Yes (Go to question 2)

b) No (Go to question 3)

2) You would classify yourself as:

a) A nerd/loser (go to question 7)

b) A bully (go to question 3)

c) An average guy/girl (go to question 5)

3) Would you accept money from a stranger?

a) Yes (Go to question 5)

b) No (Go to question 4)

4) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

a) Oak (Go to question 10)

b) Weeping Willow (Go to question 8)

c) Fir Tree (Go to question 9)

5) A movie you wanted to see closed down. What will you do?

a) Go home (go to question 7)

b) Go see a different movie (go to question 6)

c) Go do something else (go to question 4)

6) A mysterious hooded stranger arrives at your house. You are most likely to:

a) Greet him/her (go to question 8)

b) Hide and make them think you’re not home (go to question 9)

c) Call the cops (go to question 7)

d) Yell though the door “I’ve got a gunâ€

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