New as collectible as the old?

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New as collectible as the old?

Post by Kendor » Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:03 am

Just wondering what everybody thinks before I start shelling out some money. Personally I prefer collecting from episodes 4 through 6 because I was young and those movies had more of an impact on my life. Wondering if anybody believes if the newer figures are truely going to be collectible. I go on ebay and you can get starwars items from the first 2 movies cheaper than they were in the stores a lot of the time.
Since I didn't collect anything way back when Most of what I have has been from a locl auction or ebay. Hope I dont sound like I'm in it for the money but why not try and collect things that are truely collectible. Personally I don't plan on ever selling anything I have now or will in the future. Your input is apreciated. Thanks.

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Post by Wildstar » Thu Apr 07, 2005 10:09 am

First off, welcome to the boards, Kendor.

Second, it pretty much depends on who you ask. Sure, stuff from the original trilogy is more expensive, but that's only because of their age and shorter supply. A true collector, which I define as someone who does it for the love of it rather than as an "investment", might say it won't matter.

You could probably get more varied opinions on's Collecting forum, where there are a lot of hardcore collectors posting.

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Post by Jedi Jin Su » Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:58 pm

My brother and I have the toys from the first movies and I have a lot from the ones I like now. The way to collect and this is if you are in it for collecting not the money is to collect what you like. If you are going to do it for the money buy it in a sealed box and never touch it. If you like the items, then buy what you like.

My toys are for playing with, recreating battle scenes and what have you. To be honest the quality of the toys depends on the manufacturer. Some from the early days are awful. Some from TPM are incredibly cool and amazingly detailed. Some from AOTC and even the ROTS ones are not as nice as the ones from TPM. It all depends on what you buy and how you buy it.

You have got to love the sentimentality of the OT figurines. The little Yoda with his snake and walking stick, the light sabers that are retractable. So non-realistic it is laughable. However, I have some Obi Wan figurines from AOTC that are just pathetic. Lucasfilm cut corners a lot yet charged more for the figures, higher profit margin. It all depends.

Don't be easily fooled into thinking something is rare either. I have many people say something is rare and charge three times what it is worth. Be sure to comparison shop. I am the worst for impulse buying. So try to make a list of the figures or characters or movies you want to collect from most. That helps when searching out rarities and what to save your money up for.
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Biased Opinion

Post by sacklerss » Tue May 17, 2005 2:23 pm

I think that collecting vintage items is always a better investment, but if you are in it to gather as much stuff as possible, then it really doesn't matter what other people think the value is. A good place to get a sense of true market value is Ebay.
Read below to see my bias:
I am forced to part with my collection. Right now I am selling complete vintage 1977 figures: Ob-Wan Kenobi, Luke X-Wing Pilot (1978) and C-3PO. Also, a nice princess leah and Chewbacca. I am using a certfied Ebay vendor, but I can be reached for questions.


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