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Cannonising a lego ship design

Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 9:23 am
by Crabbe
Hi guys,

Not sure where to post this or even if anyone would know the answer.

I have designed a space craft which I am planning to build out of lego.It is a large cargo vessel, which would fall into the "heavy" category in the star wars universe.When built it will be about 7ft long, by 4 ft wide - with approximately 100,000 pieces.

I am building the interior detail aswell in depth, including lighting, oxygen pipes, water systems, working landing gear, doors & moving parts, full cabin quarters, control room, etc.Everything a real craft would need.

Before I start all of this though, I would like it to be recognisable as a genuine star wars craft.How would I go about possibly getting this design cannonised?

Is that even possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,