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Selling Star Wars Collection

Post by gbarr21 » Thu Oct 05, 2006 12:38 am

I am selling my Star Wars Collection, I don't want to but have no choice need money. All the items that I have are mint if there is anything wrong with an item I will let you know before you make your final decision. I have a large collection, below is a complete list of what I am selling. I will also attach a link where you can view all the pics taken of the items. If there is anything you would like to know feel free to ask. You can either contact me through here or send me an email at Make sure the subject states STAR WARS so I do not look over the email thank you.

**Update** List has been updated as well as pictures everything on both are still available. (10/13/06)

-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi Life size Standup $30.00
-Episode II Yoda Life size standup $30.00 (slight tear in plastic but standup is still in mint condition)

Code 3 Collectibles
-X-Wing Acrylic Case still in original box never opened Picture--DSC00059
-X-Wing Signature Series Luke Skywalker Episode IV #50 of 1000 comes with original box and Certificate of Authenticity Pictures--DSC00307,DSC00308,DSC00309,DSC00311,DSC00312, DSC00313, DSC00314,DSC00316,DSC00317,DSC00318,DSC00319 $450

-Millennium Falcon Acrylic Case still in original bov never opened Picture--DSC00532
-Millennium Falcon Episode Iv #00732 of 10000 Comes with Original box and Certificate of Authenticity $300
Picture--DSC00521, DSC00522, DSC00523, DSC00524, DSC00525, DSC00526,DSC00527,DSC00528,DSC00529,DSC00530,DSC00531

-1/32 Diamond Plate Series Skywalker Ranch Brigade Engine co.1589 #3239 of 7500 comes in original box
and Certificate of Authenticity Picture--DSC00471,DSC00472,DSC00473,DSC00474,DSC00475,DSC00476, DSC00477, DSC00478 ,DSC00479,DSC00480 $250

12" Figures
-2000-Power of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Action Collection 100th Figure as seen in Star Wars A New Hope Picture--DSC00541,DSC00542 $40.00
-2002-Episode VI Princess Leia in Boushh disguise and Han Solo in Carbonite (lights up) Picture--DSC00490 $30.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Deluxe Picture--DSC00581,DSC00582,DSC00583,DSC00584 $40.00
-2002-Luke Skywalker with Tauntaun from the Empire Strikes Back Toys R Us exclusive Pictures--DSC00084 $80
-2000-Power of the Jedi Action Collection 4-Lom with Concussion Rifle still has price tag on it Picture--DSC00068 $20.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Action Collection IG-88 with Rifle and Imperial Blaster price tag on it Picture--DSC00075 $20.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Action Collection Bossk with Blaster Rifle price tag on it Picture--DSC00069 $20.00
-1997-Action Collection Greedo Pictures--DSC00129 $20.00
-1997-Action Collection SnowTrooper with firing Imperial Blaster Picture--DSC00081 $20.00
-1998-Action Collection Emperor Palpatine Picture--DSC00080 $20.00
-1997-Collectors Series SandTrooper Pictures--DSC00066, DSC00067 $30.00
-1996-Collectors Series Darth Vader Pictures--DSC00064, DSC00065 $30.00
-1998-Episode I Darth Maul with Lightsaber Picture--DSC00078 $20.00
-1999-Episode I Watto with Data Pad Picture--DSC00079 $20.00
-1999-Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi with Lightsaber Picture--DSC00077 $20.00
-1999-Episode I Battle Droid with Blaster Picture--DSC00076 $20.00
-1998-Episode I R2-A6 Metalized Dome 12" Scale Picture--DSC00159 $20.00
-1998-Episode I Pit Droids 12" Scale Picture--DSC00161 $10.00
-1998-Episode I Anakin Skywalker 12" Scale Picture--DSC00162 $10.00
-1998-Episode I Mace Windu with BLUE lightsaber Picture--DSC00176 $20.00
-1998-Episode I Qui-Gon Jinn with lightsaber Picture--DSC00175 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker Character Collectible Picture--DSC00174 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Character Collectible Picture--DSC00173 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Mace Windu Character Collectible Picture--DSC00172 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi Electronic Battles Lights and Sounds Picture--DSC00163 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Electronic Battles Lights and Sounds Picture--DSC00164 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Mace windu with Lightsaber Jedi Council Picture--DSC00501 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Zam Wesell with Face Reveal Feature, Blaster, and Rifle Picture--DSC00503 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Super Battle Droid Picture--DSC00502 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Clone Trooper (White) with Blaster Rifle Picture--DSC00512 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Clone Commander (Yellow) with Blaster Rifle Picture--DSC00514 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Clone Trooper (Red) with Blaster Rifle Picture--DSC00510 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Ki-Adi-Mundi with Lightsaber Jedi Council Picture--DSC00513 $20.00
-2002-Episdoe II Anakin Skywalker with Lightsaber Picture--DSC00511 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Count Dooku with Lightsaber Picture--DSC00515 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi with Lightsaber Picture--DSC00509 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker with Attachable robotic arm and 2 Lightsabers Picture--DSC00508 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Geonosian Warrior with Battle Staff (no warning label) Picture--DSC00500,DSC00517 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Padme' Amidala with 2 blasters Picture--DSC00506 $20.00
-2002-Episode V Zuckus with Heavy Assault Blaster Rifle (no warning label) Picture--DSC00505,DSC00516 $20.00
-2002-Episode V Imperial Officer with Imperial Blaster Picture--DSC00504 $20.00
-2002-Episode V Dengar with Blaster Rifle and Backpack (backpack not labeled) Picture--DSC00507 $20.00

Applause Merchandise
-Episode 1 Darth Maul Character Collectibles with glow in the dark Lightsaber price tag on it Picture--DSC00071 $20.00
-Episode 1 Queen Amidala Character Collectible price tag on it Picture--DSC00072 $20.00
-Episode 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi Character Collectible with glow in the dark Lightsaber price tag on it Picture--DSC00070 $20.00
-Episode 1 Qui-Gon Jinn character Collectible with glow in the dark Lightsaber price tag on it Picture--DSC00074 $20.00
-Episode I 5 Piece Collector Pin Set Picture--DSC00287 $8.00
-Episode I Figurine Gift Set Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Bonus Figure: OOM-9 Battle Droid Picture--DSC00400 $10.00
-1996- Gamorrean Guard Applause Figural Glass Mugs Picture--DSC00087 $10.00
-1996- Tusken Raider Applause Figural Glass Mugs Picture--DSC00086 $10.00
-1996- 10" Shadow of the Empire Prince Xizor Picture--DSC00430 $10.00
-1997- 10" Wedge Antilles Picture--DSC00167 $10.00
-1997- 10" Tusken Raider Picture--DSC00168 $10.00

Power of the Force Beast Collection
-1997-2qty. Dewback with SandTrooper Pictures--DSC00095 $10.00
-1997-Jabba the Hutt with Han Solo Pictures--DSC00096 $10.00
-1997-Ronto with Jawa Pictures--DSC00097 $10.00
-1997-Luke Skywalker with Tauntaun Pictures--DSC00098 $10.00

Action Figures, bonus packs etc.
-1996-Deluxe Boba Fett with Wing Blast Rocket pack and over head cannon Picture--DSC00538 $10.00
-2001-Silver Anniversary R2-D2 1977-2002 Picture--DSC00431 $10.00
-2003-Silver Edition Episode II CloneTrooper Toys R Us Promotion Picture--DSC00288 $10.00
-2001-Episode IV Silver Anniversary 1977-2002 Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader Final Duel Picture--DSC00586 $10.00
-2001-Episode IV Silver Anniversary 1977-2002 Han Solo and Chewbacca Death Star Escape Picture--DSC00585 $10.00
-2001-Episode IV Silver Anniversary 1977-2002 Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa Swing to Freedom Picture--DSC00587 $10.00
-2005-Darth Vader "Special Edition 500th Figure" inside his Meditation Chamber with lowering helmet Picture--DSC00627,DSC00628 $10.00
-1997-Power of the Jedi FX-7 Medical Droid Picture--DSC00225 $8.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi R2-Q5 Imperial Astromech Droid with Jedi Force File (Imperial spelt wrong on file) Picture--DSC00370, DSC00371 $20.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi Cold weather gear with Jedi Force FIle Picture--DSC00387 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00416 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Obi-wan Kenobi Jedi training Gear with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00410 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath (Helmet light blue) with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00391 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Shmi Skywalker with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00368 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Fode and Beed Podracer Announcers with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00373 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Training Gear with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00422 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Plo Koon Jedi Master with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00420 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi K-3PO Echo Base Protocol Droid with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00409 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Darth Maul Sith Apprentice with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00418 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Gungan Warrior with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00397 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Han Solo Death Star Escape with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00282 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Darth Maul Mega Action with Lightsaber attack moves Picture--DSC00540 $8.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Darth Vader Dagobah with Moveable Mask and Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00548 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Sabe' Queens Decoy with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00546 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Mas Amedda with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00556 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Ellorrs Madak with Jedi Force File (Fan Choice figure #1) Picture--DSC00554,DSC00555 $5.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi Mega Action with Lightsaber attack moves Picture--DSC00539 $8.00
-2000-Power of the Jedi Ketwol with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00553 $5.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Princess Leia with Sail Barge Cannon Picture--DSC00536 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Darth Maul with Sith attack Droid Picture--DSC00425 $8.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Luke Skywalker in Echo Base Bacta Tank Picture--DSC00402 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Amanaman with Salacious Crumb Fan Choice Figure #2 Picture--DSC00403 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Zutton "Snaggletooth" Picture--DSC00413 $5.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Anakin Skywalker Mechanic with Droid and Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00386 $5.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Saesee Tiin Jedi Master with Jedi Force File Picture--DSC00534 $5.00
-1995-Power of the FOrce Chewbacca with Bowcaster and Heavy blaster Rifle Picture--DSC00550 $10.00
-1995-Power of the Force Lando Calrissian with Heavy Rifle and Blaster Pistol Picture--DSC00552 $10.00
-1996-Power of the Force Grand Moff Tarkin with Imperial Issue Blaster Rifle and Pistol never before offered in any Kenner Collection Picture--DSC00533 $10.00
-1996-Power of the Force Jawas (2 in pack) with glowing eyes and Blaster Pistols Picture--DSC00412 $5.00
-1996-Power of the Force Bossk with Blaster Rifle and Pistol Picture--DSC00427 $5.00
-1996-Power of the Force Momaw Nadan "Hammerhead" with Double Barreled Blaster Rifle X3 Picture--DSC00426 $5.00
-1997-Power of the Force Princess Leia Organa with laser pistol and assault rifle Picture--DSC00551 $5.00
-1997-Power of the Force Emperor Palpatine with Darkside energy bolts and remote action bolts light up Electronic power F/X Pictures--DSC00099 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Darth Vader with glowing lightsaber and remote dueling action Electronic power F/X Pictures--DSC00104 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Luke Skywalker with glowing lightsaber and remote dueling action Electronic power F/X Pictures--DSC00103 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Tie Fighter gunner station with Darth Vader fires 2 missles Pictures--DSC00102 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Millennium Falcon gunner station with Han Solo rapid fire cannon Pictures--DSC00101 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Millennium Falcon gunner station with Luke Skywalker rapid fire action Pictures--DSC00100 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Garrindan (Long Snoot) with hold out Pistol Picture--DSC00132 $8.00
-1997-Power of the Force Emperor's Royal Guard with Force Pike Picture--DSC00547 $5.00
-1997-Power of the Force EV-9D9 with Datapad Picture--DSC00545 $5.00
-1998-Power of the Force Ugnaughts with Tool Kit and Freeze Frame Action Slide 2 in pack Picture--DSC00537 $5.00
-1998-Power of the Force Chewbacca with Bowcaster Rifle and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00378 $5.00
-1998-Power of the Force Sneak peak Episode I Mace Windu with Blue Lightsaber Picture--DSC00243, DSC00245 $8.00
-1998-Power of the Force Darth Vader with Lightsaber and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00372 $5.00
-1998-Power of the Force Emperor Palpatine with Force Lightning and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00424 $5.00
-1998-Power of the FOrce Yoda with cane, boiling pot and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00395 $8.00
-1998-Power of the Force Anakin Skywalker (Episode VI) with Lightsaber and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00390 $5.00
-1998-Power of the Force Aunt Beru with Service Droid and Flashback Photo Picture--DSC00389 $5.00
-2001-Power of the Force Eeth Koth Jedi Master Picture--DSC00394 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Destroyer Droid with CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00535 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Jar Jar Binks with Gungan battle Staff and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00392 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Ody Mandrell with Otoga 222 Pitdroids and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00417 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Mace Windu with Blue Lightsaber, Jedi Cloak and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00415 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Captain Tarpals with Electropole and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00414 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine) with backpack and Grease Gun Picture--DSC00408 $5.00
-1998-Episode I OOm-9 with Blaster and, Binoculars, and COmmTech Chip Picture--DSC00399 $5.00
-1998-episode I Under Water Accessory Set with Bubbling backpack Picture--DSC00388 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Boss Nass with Gungan Staff and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00377 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Duel) with Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00384 $5.00
-1998-episode I Sith Accessory Set with Firing backpack and 2 Droid Missiles Picture--DSC00382 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Tatooine Accessory Set with pull-back Droid Picture--DSC00381 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Nute Gunray with CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00411 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) with Double Bladed Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00376 $5.00
-1998-episode I Naboo Accessory Set with retracting grappling hook and backpack Picture--DSC00385 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Darth Sidious with CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00428 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Watto with Data Pad and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00374 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Duel) with Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00369 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Queen Amidala (Naboo) with Blaster Pistols and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00367 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Padme' Naberrie with Podracer view screen and COmmTech Chip Picture--DSC00365 $5.00
-1998-Episode I Darth Maul Deluxe with Lightsaber handle and triggers battle swing Picture--DSC00406 $8.00
-1998-Episode I Ki-Adi-Mundi with Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00419 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo) with lightsaber, handle, and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00380 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Queen Amidala with CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00379 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Darth Maul (Tatooine) with Cloak, Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00375 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo) with Lightsaber, handle and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00366 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Darth Maul with Sith Infiltrator Picture--DSC00404 $8.00
-1999-Episode I Anakin Skywalker (Naboo) with Comm Link Unit and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00396 $5.00
-1999-Episode I Adi Gallia with Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00423 $5.00
-2002-Episode I Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Master Picture--DSC00235 $5.00
-2002-Episode I Teemto Pagalies Pod Racer Picture--DSC00134 $5.00
-2002-Episode I Darth Maul with Lightsaber battle action Sith Training (Balck clothing with red trim) Picture--DSC00135 $5.00
-2002-Episode I Lott Dod Neimoidian Senator with Darth Sidious hologram Picture--DSC00156 $5.00
-2001-Episode II R3-T7 Sneak Preview $5.00
-2001-Episode II Jango Fett Sneak Preview $5.00
-2001-Episode II CloneTrooper Sneak Preview $5.00
-2001-Episode II Zam Wesell Sneak Preview $5.00
-2002-Episode II Darth Tyranus with Force-flipping attack Picture--DSC00435 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett with electronic jetpack and snap-on armor Picture--DSC00438 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi with Force-flipping attack Picture--DSC00439 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Mace Windu with blast apart Battle Droid and force action Picture--DSC00437 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Zam Wesell Bounty Hunter with quick-draw action Picture--DSC00236 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Royal Guard Coruscant Security Picture--DSC00242 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Final Battle with firing gauntlet Picture--DSC00238 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Jar Jar Binks Gungan Senator Picture--DSC00237 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Mace Windu geonosian rescue with slashing lightsaber action Picture--DSC00234 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Taun We Kamino Cloner Picture--DSC00231 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Luminara Unduli Jedi Master Picture--DSC00228 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Massiff with Geonosian(not printed on card) X2 Picture--DSC00226 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Picture--DSC00139 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Nexu with snapping jaws and attack roar Pictures--DSC00120 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Ki-Adi-Mundi Jedi Master Picture--DSCF00138 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker Tatooine attack Picture--DSC00136 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Starfighter Pilot Picture--DSC00133 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Sneak peak Zam Wesell Picture--DSC00122 $5.00
-2002-Episode II C-3PO with with Droid factory assembly line Picture--DSC00116 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Yoda with Force Powers Picture--DSC00115 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker with slashing Lightsaber action Picture--DSC00131 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Saesee Tin Jedi Master X2 Picture--DSC00212 $5.00
-2002-Episode II R2-D2 Coruscant Sentry Electronic Picture--DSC00203 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Kamino escape with missle firing jetpack Picture--DSC00200 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Yoda Jedi Master with force action Picture--DSC00214 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Captain Typho Padme's Head of security with background image Picture--DSC00213 $5.00
-2002-episode II Battle Droid arena battle Picture--DSC00209 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Boba Fett Kamino Escape with background image Picture--DSC00211 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Padme' Amidala arena escape with quick draw action X2 Picture--DSC00218 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi Coruscant chase with force action X2 Picture--DSC00230 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Geonosian Warrior Picture--DSC00215 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker hanger duel with dueling lightsaber action Picture--DSC00216 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Tusken Raider Female with Tusken child with background image Picture--DSC00217 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Kit Fisto with slashing lightsaber action Picture--DSC00219 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Super Battle Droid with exploding battle damage with background image Picture--DSC00220 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Orn Free Taa Picture--DSC00229 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Count Dooku Dark Lord with slashing lightsaber action Picture--DSC00227 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker outland peasant disguise with force action Picture--DSC00239 $5.00
-2002-Episode II CloneTrooper (Red) with firing tripod canon Picture--DSC00241 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Tusken Raider with Massiff Picture--DSC00155 $5.00
-2002-Episode II CloneTrooper Republic Gunship Pilot with quick-draw action Picture--DSC00157 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Slave 1 pilot with quick-draw action Picture--DSC00153 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Padme' Amidala Coruscant attack with quick-draw action Picture--DSC00154 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Watto Mos Espa Junk Dealer Picture--DSC00152 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker with force flipping attack Pictures--DSC00149 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Dexter Jettster Coruscant Informant Picture--DSC00199 $5.00
-2002-Episode II C-3PO protocal droid with removable parts X2 (1 with background image) Picture--DSC00210, DSC00204(image one) $5.00
-2002-Episode II Nikto Jedi Knight Picture--DSC00202 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Shaak Ti Jedi Master with background image Picture--DSC00201 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Plo Koon Jedi Master Picture--DSC00206 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Yoda Jedi High Council with Force Powers Picture--DSC00605 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Destroyer Droid Geonosis Battle with Firing Cannons Picture--DSC00606 $5.00
-2003-Episode II Destroyer Droid Launcher Separtist Forces Picture--DSC00492 $5.00
-2002-Episode IV Djas Puhr alien bounty hunter Picture--DSC00232 $5.00
-2002-Episode IV Momaw Nadan with Cantina Bar Section Picture--DSC00588 $5.00
-2002-Episode IV Ponda Baba with Cantina Bar Section Picture--DSC00589 $5.00
-2002-Episode V Darth Vader Bespin Duel with slashing lightsaber action Picture--DSC00233 $5.00
-2002-Episode V Chewbacca Cloud City Capture with electronic C-3PO Pictures--DSC00117 $5.00
-2002-Episode V Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel with slashing lightsaber action Picture--DSC00221 $5.00
-2002-Episode VI Han Solo Endor Raid Picture--DSC00137 $5.00
-2002-Episode VI Endor Rebel Soldier X2 Picture--DSC00158 $5.00

-Life Size Yoda Episode 2 #959 of 10,000 comes with display stand, lightsaber extension, and Certificate of Authenticity
Pictures--DSC00060,DSC00061,DSC00063,DSC00654 $400
-2002-Celebration 2 Jorg Sacul Rebel Pilot Silver Anniversary 1977-2002 with background image in a protective case
Pictures--DSC00260 $75
-1998-Autographed Carrie Fisher 12" figure Princess Leia from in Hoth gear with Certificate of Authenticity Pictures--DSC00082,DSC00083,DSC00657,DSC00658 $40.00
-1998-Autographed #152 Episode I Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) with Double Bladed Lightsaber and CommTech Chip Picture--DSC00622,DSC00623,
DSC00624,DSC00625,DSC626 $20.00
-2005-Best Buy Exclusive Star Wars Episode III Lithograph only offered to Reward Zone Members with purchase of either Star Wars Episode III DVD or Star Wars Battlefront II the video game Picture--DSC0044,DSC0045,DSC0046 $10.00
-2002-Star Wars Coffee Mug never used $8.00
-1996-Power of the Force Millennium Falcon Carry Case for figures with Wedge Antilles with blaster rifle Picture--DSC00140, DSC00141 $20.00
-Episode II School Bag Picture--DSC00160 $10.00
-Episode II Yoda Hard Case lunch box with water bottle and juice box holder Picture--DSC00266, DSC00267 $8.00
-Episode II Hard Case lunch box with thermos, pringles case, and glad container Pictures--DSC00105, DSC00106 $8.00
-Episode II Soft case lunch bag with water bottle Pictures--DSC00107, DSC00108 $8.00
-1998-Power of the Force sneak peak episode 1 Stap and Battle Droid with firing missles Picture--DSC00128 $10.00
-1998-Power of the Force Jedi Spirits Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Picture--DSC00119 $10.00
-2002-Episode II Reek Arena battle beast with attack sounds electronic Picture--DSC00223 $15.00
-General Mills mail in order 3qty (different styles) #43 Nascar Star Wars cars Pictures--DSC00110 $8.00
-General Mills mail in order Dark Side cup and bowl Picture--DSC00145, DSC00146 $8.00
-General Mills mail in order Light Side cup and bowl Picture--DSC00147, DSC00148 $8.00
-Mail in order Anakin Skywalker ghost figure $5.00
-Episode II Nokia cell phone case for model 3390,3395 Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker, Mace Windu Obi-Wan Kenobi Picture--DSC00494 $8.00
-Episode II Nokia cell phone case for model 3390,3395 Jango Fett Picture--DSC00493 $8.00
-Episode II Nokia cell phone case for model 3310,3330 Clone Trooper Picture--DSC00171 $8.00
-Episode II Nokia cell phone case for model 3310,3330 Jango Fett Picture--DSC00170 $8.00
-Episode II Nokia cell phone case for model 3310,3330 Yoda Picture--DSC00169 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Force Link Keychain Anakin Skywalker's speader Picture--DSC00181 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Force Link Keychain Zam Wesell's speader Picture--DSC00198 $5.00
-Candy Holders: $10.00(All)
--Darth Vader Head Picture--DSC00188 StormTrooper Head Picture--DSC00194
--Anakin Skywalker Head Picture--DSC00189 R2-D2 Body Picture--DSC00190
--Jango Fett Head Picture--DSC00192 Count Dooku's Lightsaber Picture--DSC00191
--CloneTrooper head Picture--DSC00 Jango Fett Upper Torso Picture--DSC00193
-2002-Episode II Jedi Starfighter Galactic Chase SFX Game Picture--DSC00197 $8.00
-2003- Star Wars Classic Adventures 2004 Calendar still sealed Picture--DSC00258 $5.00
-Rawcliffe CloneTrooper head keychain Picture--DSC00262 $10.00
-Rawcliffe Jedi Starfighter keychain Picture--DSC00263 $10.00
-2002-Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Widescreen Movie still Sealed Picture--DSC00596 $15.00
-2002-Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Fullscreen Movie still Sealed Picture--DSC00595 $15.00
-2003-Episode II Movie Scene The Jedi High Council Mace Windu, Oppo Rancisis, Even Piel Pictures--DSC00297 $8.00
-2003-Episode II Movie Scene Geonosian War Chamber Nute Gunray, Passel Argento, Shu Mai Pictures--DSC00295 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Zam Wesell sounds and lights Blaster Keychain Picture--DSC00594 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Star Wars 30 Foil Valentine Cards Picture--DSC00593 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Star Wars 2003 full color desk Calendar Picture--DSC00598 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Star Wars 2003 Characters, Creatures, and Droids desk CalendarPicture--DSC00597 $5.00
-2002-Star Wars Scum and Villainy 2003 Calendar Picture--DSC00608 $5.00
-2002-Episode II Attack of the Clones 18 Month Calendar 2002-2003 Picture--DSC00607 $5.00
-2002-Electronic Ask Yoda Picture--DSC00592 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Jango Fett Room Alarm electronic room protector with phrases and sounds 4ft light sensor Picture--DSC00600,DSC00601 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Attack of the Clones Special Edition VHS Movie Exclusive Deleted Scenes with R2-D2 and C-3PO explain the Star Wars Saga Still
sealed Picture--DSC00604 $15.00
-Han Solo Cigarette Case Picture--DSC00496,DSC00497 $8.00
-Star Wars Boba Fett Symbol Keychain Picture--DSC00650 $8.00
-2005-Episode III 3D Glass Cube ARC-170 Fighter 80x50x50 Picture--DSC00651,DSC00652,DSC00653 $40.00
-2002-Star Wars Jedi Outcast Lightsaber Keychain (lights up) came with purchase of the Star Wars Jedi Knight:Jedi Outcast PC game (needs Batteries)
Picture--DSC00662 $8.00
-2003-Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Letter Opener came with purchase of the KNights of the Old Republic PC Game Picture--DSC00660,DSC00661 $8.00

Star Wars Masterpiece Edition
-1998-Anakin Skywalker "The Story of Darth Vader" (Hard Back) Limited Edition Deluxe Illustrated History (by:Stephen J. Stansweet, Daniel Wallace
and Josh Ling) and an Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Large Collector Figure (end of EpIV) Released by Kenner Picture--DSC00617,DSC00618,DSC00619,DSC00620 $75
-1999-C-3PO "Tales of the Golden Droid" (Hard Back) Limited Edition Deluxe Illistrated History (by:Daniel Wallace, and Josh Ling) and an Exclusive
C-3PO Large Collector Figure (EpV) Released by Hasbro Picture--DSC00613,DSC00614,DSC00615,DSC00616 $75
-2000-Aurra Sing "Dawn of the Bounty Hunter" (Hard Back) Limited Edition Deluxe Illistrated History (by:Ryder Windham and Josh Ling) and an Exclusive
Aurra Sing Large Collector Figure Released by Hasbro Picture--DSC00609,DSC00610,DSC00611,DSC00612 $75

-2001-Episode II Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter with 2 attack modes Picture--DSC00443 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Anakin Skywalker's Speeder with blast off panels Picture--DSC00442 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Zam Wesell's speeder with blast off panels Picture--DSC00441 $20.00
-2002-Episode II Jedi Starfighter with 2 attack modes and Obi-Wan Kenobi Picture--DSC00179 $20.00
-2002-Episode IV Landspeeder with Mobile "Hovering" effect and Luke Skywalker Picture--DSC00491 $20.00

-Dark Horse Comics Underworld "The Yavin Vassilika" 1 of 5 Picture--DSC00461 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Underworld "The Yavin Vassilika" 2 of 5 Picture--DSC00462 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Underworld "The Yavin Vassilika" 3 of 5 Picture--DSC00463 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Underworld "The Yavin Vassilika" 4 of 5 Picture--DSC00464 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Underworld "The Yavin Vassilika" 5 of 5 Picture--DSC00465 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Episode I The Phantom Menace 1 of 4 Picture--DSC00458 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Episode I The Phantom Menace 3 of 4 Picture--DSC00459 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Episode I The Phantom Menace 4 of 4 Picture--DSC00460 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Jabba the Hutt "The Gaar Suppoon Hit" Picture--DSC00457 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Droids Special Picture--DSC00456 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics Star Wars "Practice makes Perfect" #3 of 4 Toys R Us Exclusive Picture--DSC00455 $3.00
-Dark Horse Comics 2qty Star Wars Comic "Most Precious Weapon" #2 of 4 Picture--DSC00127 $3.00

-2002- Episode II Attack of the Clones Visual Dictionary $10.00
-Hard Back Boba Fett "Fight to Survive" Picture--DSC00114 $8.00
-Paper Back Episode II Attack of the Clones Picture--DSC00113 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Quest #1 The way of the Apprentice Picture--DSC00111 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Quest #2 The Trail of the Jedi Picture--DSC00112 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Quest #3 The Dangerous Games Picture--DSC00488 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Quest #4 The Master of Disguise Picture--DSC00489 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Quest #5 The School of Fear Picture--DSC00486 $5.00
-Hard Back Jedi Quest Anakin's Story between Episode I and Episode II Picture--DSC00485 $8.00
-Paper back Boba Fett #3 Maze of Deception a Clone Wars Novel Picture--DSC00487 $5.00
-Hard Back Planet of Twilight by: Barbara Hambly Picture--DSC00484 $8.00
-Episode II Postcard book Picture--DSC00187 $5.00
-The Skywalker Family Albumn book Picture--DSC00183 $3.00
-Episode II I am a Jedi Apprentice by Anakin Skywalker Picture--DSC00182 $3.00
-Paper Back Return of the Jedi Picture--DSC00452 $5.00
-Paper Back Hard Merchandise book 3 of the Bounty Hunter Wars qty3 Picture--DSC00451 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi search book 1 of the Jedi Academy Trilogy Picture--DSC00450 $8.00
-Hard Back Heir to the Empire Volume 1 of a 3 book cycle by: Timothy Zahn Picture--DSC00448 $8.00
-Hard Back Dark Force Rising Volume 2 of a 3 book cycle by: Timothy Zahn Picture--DSC00447 $8.00
-Hard Back The Last Command Volume 3 of a 3 book cycle by: Timothy Zahn Picture--DSC00449 $8.00
-Paper Back Journal "The Flight for Justice" by Luke Skywalker Picture--DSC00467 $5.00
-Paper Back Episode 1 the Phantom Menace Picture--DSC00466 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Apprentice "The Rising Force" #1 Picture--DSC00470 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Apprentice "The Dark Rival" #3 Picture--DSC00469 $5.00
-Paper Back Jedi Apprentice "The Mark of the Crown" #4 Picture--DSC00468 $5.00
-Hard Back Star Wras Episode I The Phantom Menace by Terry Brooks based on Screenplay and story
by George Lucas (Lucas Books) Picture--DSC00568,DSC00569 $8.00

-Episode II TV-Guide front cover 3 of 3 Anakin and Padme kissing, Anakin in Geonosian arena, and Anakin and Obi-Wan
from Episode II - Episode IV Picture--DSC00109 $8.00
-Entertainment Weekly Magazine April 12, 2002 Hayden and Natalie in field cover Picture--DSC00453 $3.00
-Entertainment Weekly Magazine May 17, 2002 Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi cover Picture--DSC00186 $3.00
-Entertainment Weekly Magazine May 17, 2002 Padme' Amidala and Anakin Skywalker cover Picture--DSC00185 $3.00
-Vanity Fair Magazine March 2002 Anakin and Padme' in field cover Picture--DSC00454 $3.00

Board Games
-2002-Episode II Jedi Unleashed board game unsealed never used pieces mint Picture--DSC00144 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Epic Duel board game unsealed never used pieces mint Picture--DSC00143 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Star Wars The Game of Life unsealed used Picture--DSC00142 $8.00
-2002-Episode II Star Wars Electronic Battleship $15.00

Holiday Special Editions
-1997-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Yoda Picture--DSC00578 $10.00
-1998-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Boba Fett Picture--DSC00580 $15.00
-1998-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Ewoks Miniatures Episode VI Picture--DSC00579 $10.00
-1999-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Naboo Starfighter Episode I Picture--DSC00574 $15.00
-1999-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Max Rebo Band Miniatures Episode VI Set of 3 Picture--DSC00576 $10.00
-2000-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Jedi Council Miniatures Episode I Saesee Tiin, Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi Picture--DSC00577 $10.00
-2000-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Qui-Gon Jinn Episode I Picture--DSC00571 $15.00
-2000-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Imperial Storm Trooper Picture--DSC00575 $15.00
-2000-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Darth Maul Episode I Picture--DSC00570 $15.00
-2001-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Naboo Royal Starship Episode I Picture--DSC00572 $15.00
-2002-Hallmark keepsake Ornament Slave 1 Starfighter Episode II Picture--DSC00274, DSC00275 $15.00
-2002-Hallmark keepsake Ornament Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode II Picture--DSC00272, DSC00273 $15.00
-2002-Hallmark keepsake Ornament Luke Skywalker Episode VI Picture--DSC00270, DSC00271 $15.00
-2002-Hallmark keepsake Ornament Darth Vader Collector's Series Picture--DSC00268, DSC00269 $15.00
-2002-Hallmark keepsake Ornament Death Star Episode VI with lights and sounds Picture--DSC00265 $25.00
-2002-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Jango Fett Episode II Picture--DSC00495 $15.00
-2003-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament C-3Po collector's Series Picture--DSC00300 $15.00
-2003-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Yoda Episode II Picture--DSC00305, DSC00306 $15.00
-2003-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Padme' Amidala Episode II Picture--DSC00303,DSC00304 $15.00
-2003-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament CloneTrooper Miniatures Episode II Picture--DSC00299 $10.00
-2003-Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Tie Fighter Makes sounds with battery Picture--DSC00301, DSC00302 $20.00
-2002-Holiday Edition 1st Edition C-3PO and R2-D2 with Holiday Greeting Card and envelope Picture--DSC00440 $25.00
-2003-Holiday Edition 2nd Edition Santa Yoda with Holiday Greeting Card and Envelope Picture--DSC00298 $25.00

Fossil Watches
-Boba Fett Limited Edition Watch #4089 of 10000 20 years 1977-1997 (worn for a short period of time) Picture--DSC00261 $40.00
-Boba Fett Limited Edition Watch #1228 of 2000 with a metal case and dog tag and with original box Certificate of
Authenticity (worn for a short period of time) Picture--DSC00251, DSC00252, DSC00253, DSC00254, DSC00255, DSC00257 $90
-Star Wars 25th Anniversary Watch #430 of 2500 with protective case and original box with a Twenty FIfth Anniversary
glassed case medallion with Certificate of Authenticity Picture--DSC00276, DSC00277, DSC00278, DSC00279 $100

-Fan Club Exclusive Official IMAX Yoda Size Matters Not movie poster Double Sided A Special offer if a subscriber to the
Star Wars Insider Magazine 28x42 Picture--DSC00364 $50.00
-Episode II Attack of the Clones Movie Poster Picture--DSC00359 $10.00
-Episode II Attack of the Clones Promotional Poster Picture--DSC00348 $15.00
-Dark Side Duel of the Sith Poster Picture--DSC00351, DSC00350 $10.00
-Jedi Knight Battle of Geonosis Poster Picture--DSC00353, DSC00354 $10.00
-Episode II Anakin Skywalker Picture--DSC00355 $10.00
-Episode II Padme' Amidala Picture--DSC00356, DSC00357 $10.00
-Episode II Jango Fett Picture--DSC00358 $10.00

Japan Import
-2001-Power of the Jedi R2-D2 Super Deformed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00543,DSC00544 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Boba Fett Super Deformed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00566,DSC00567 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Storm Trooper Super Deformed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00561,DSC00563 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi C-3PO Super Deformed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00559,DSC00560 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Darth Vader Deformed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00564,DSC00565 $10.00
-2001-Power of the Jedi Chewbacca Deforemed touch activated lights and sounds Picture--DSC00557,DSC00558 $10.00

Burger King Exclusives
-Darth Vader (Special 31st Toy reveal the Mystery of Darth Vader) $2.00
-Boga Plush Picture--DSC00341 $1.00
-Mace Windu Viewer Picture--DSC00346 $1.00
-Boba Fett water gun Picture--DSC00335 $1.00
-Anakin Skywalker's pod racer wind up roller Picture--DSC00330 $1.00
-Tie Fighter wind up roller Picture--DSC00337 $1.00
-Chewbacca Plush Picture--DSC00332 $1.00
-Watto wind up walker Picture--DSC00329 $1.00
-General Grievous wind up arms move Picture--DSC00340 $1.00
-Ewok Plush Picture--DSC00334 $1.00
-Super Battle Droid water gun Picture--DSC00347 $1.00
-C-3PO viewer Picture--DSC00339 $1.00
-Wampa Plush Picture--DSC00333 $1.00
-Jedi Starfighter wind up roller Picture--DSC00345 $1.00
-Princess Leia Organa viewer Picture--DSC00331 $1.00
-Clone Trooper wind up walker Picture--DSC00344 $1.00
-Jar Jar Binks water gun Picture--DSC00342 $1.00
-Luke Skywalkers speeder wind up roller Picture--DSC00336 $1.00
-The Phantom Menace Watch with Collectible Tin Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tin Picture--DSC00634 $3.00
-A New Hope Watch with Collectible Tin Luke Skywalker and Starom Trooper on Tin Picture--DSC00632 $3.00
-The Empire Strikes Back Watch with Collectible Tin Han Solo and Boba Fett on Tin Picture--DSC00633 $3.00
-Return of the Jedi Watch with Collectible Tin Leia Organa and Jabba the Hutt on Tin Picture--DSC00631 $3.00

7-11 Promotional Darth Dew 32oz Slurpee Cups
-Star Wars Episode III Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on top of Darth Vader Helmet with Darth Vader Helmet Lid Picture--DSC00635,DSC00637,DSC00638 $2.00
-Star Wars Episode III Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi Final Duel, and Anakin Skywlaker Yellow eyes with Darth Vader Helmet Lid Picture--DSC00641,DSC00642,DSC00643 $2.00
-Star Wars Episode III Yoda and Darth Vader (in suit) with Darth Vader Helmet Lid Picture--DSC00636,DSC00639,DSC00640 $2.00
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