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Link: by me ;)

Post by Abrynne » Fri Sep 23, 2005 9:53 pm

Aaaah! It is FINALLY all typed up and you know what.... it's still not complete. This was the original idea of the story and so for now, it is finished lol
14 chapters, quite longer than I had originally planned as well. Sort of a drama/romance/adventure thing.
So, here we go:


The actual beginning when I'm finished with the rest of it and all that will go something like this:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

A Jedi is forbidden to love, to create emotional attachment to anything or anyone. The Code forbids such things. The Code of the Jedi, created over a thousand years ago when a Council was formed and the Jedi were organized into what they are known as in the days preceding the Clone Wars: peace keepers. Those who believed in civilized ways of fighting, of living, of loving.
And yet, the Clone Wars brought about a new definition to the Jedi, one that the Code may not support. The Jedi became known as great and powerful warriors, soldiers and leaders in battles against the Seperatists across the galaxy. They were the best, the wisest and most powerful force in the Galactic Republic for one reason alone. They were Jedi and therefore they were part of a greater power, that of the Force.
The Code is based upon the rules and beliefs of those Jedi who first began to study and immerse themselves in the knowledge of the Force, believing they could uncover it’s secrets, what drives it and what powers it.
The Code makes it forbidden for a Jedi to know of certain kinds of love because the dedication to the Force and the learning of it’s powers is worth more than all the attachments and passions one could ever assume in a single lifetime.
But what is not known to the Jedi or to any being who studies the Force is that the Force has a will, a purpose of it’s own. It possesses a rhythm and flow that only those who have become part of it can understand. The Code can be compromised as it has been because it is a mere set of rules. The Force is not driven by rules. That is why it can will the balance of those who use it for evil and those who use it for good. That is why it can be a guide and also be a weapon. That is why it can even will a connection, an attachment between two people.

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