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Post by Jedi Jin Su » Sun Mar 20, 2005 9:59 am

I finally finished Shatterpoint about Mace Windu and his problems on his homeworld's Civil War. His homeworld of Haruun Kal is quickly developing into a RPG world as Shatterpoint was considered to be quite a turning point for Star Wars fans. I think Shatterpoint was an interesting read if you want to find out more about Mace Windu and his thoughts, feelings and background.

However, as a super big Mace fan I was very disappointed in the fact that not enough time was spent on discussing his lightsaber techniques or his fighting stances. They discuss it a bit in the beginning and a bit at the end but the author clearly wanted to talk about the psychology of warfare and the horribleness that ensues.

He also wanted to make the point that no one wins in a war no matter which side you are on.

Now I understand that this point is to further along the Movies, as this was made clear in the reviews of the book by other authors, but I honestly don't think that Mace Windu who has been a Jedi his whole life and has seen much in the way of combat and developed his own combat style would be as deeply affected by combat as this author would have us believe. I somehow feel he would be bit more cold about it.

Also I do not like the way the author dealt with what happened to Depa Billaba. It was as if he didn't know how to end the book so he just made up something quick. I won't tell the ending as it might spoil it for someone who does want to read and who might be satisfied with it.

As someone who does have the heart of a warrior as she believes Mace does, I don't think this author takes that into account.

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