"It Can't Be Done..." UPDATE 8/14!!!

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"It Can't Be Done..." UPDATE 8/14!!!

Post by Princess_Tranquility » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:44 am

The second in my line of SW novels, now this one falls under the catergory of melodrama, and it was this story that in fact that landed me SW fanfiction Author of the Year on another board.

Hope you all like this one...

Its 2 years after the Battle of Endor and the fragile New Republic has just begun to rebuild itself. During this time the Republic was experiencing a problem with a new prototype A-wing, not knowing what causes is, they decides to have Luke Skywalker fly a test run on it. They assume that his pilot skills, along with his Jedi abilities, could more accurately pinpoint the problem.

During the run however the ship crashes! After Luke is pulled from the wreckage, the medics discover during his treatment, that besides burns, cuts, and several broken ribs, that he suffered a spinal injury. Running tests they find that the 24 year old Jedi was paralyzed from the waist down, with little hope of ever walking again.

His internal struggle of coping with his injury, a struggle with the overprotective nature of his friends, and a Republic who has lost all faith in him, Luke must prove them all wrong. Must prove that he is still the man he was. That he can still fight and deserves more then just sympathy comments. In a galaxy that says "It can’t be done..."


Plesadia zoomed closer, and Luke began to feel nauseous from the banks and spirals that his damaged star fighter was taking. //Would he ever stop spinning? // he thought.

He remembered how last night he had been approached about taking a test run in the new prototype A-wing. Seemed that the techs and pilots were confused as to what was kicking the repulsors and shields out during mid-flight. One pilot had already died in a test run, and two techs had suffered severe injuries during combustion from the ship's engines. He had been slightly worried about attempting a run himself. The A-wing however needed to be up and ready to go, before the Empire came knocking on their door again. The war was over, but the Imperials were far from gone. Luke knew that they were asking him, not just because he was an outstanding pilot, having proved himself again and again during battle, but because he was a Jedi Knight. The last Jedi Knight. They needed his Force abilities to sense the problem within the ship. Reluctantly he accepted.

He told Leia and Han that night during dinner. Leia knew about the problems the crew was facing with the A-wing. Speechless, she begged Luke not to do this, not to fly the run. She could feel extreme danger for him if he did so. Han second the opinion learning to trust the strange bond the twins had. Luke told her he had to fly. The Republic needed the ship. The new technology might make or break them during a battle against the remnants of the Empire. She understood and knew her brother...her one and only brother was the only one who could find the malfunction. Han knew it as well, he had grown to trust Luke's strange powers, they had saved them all on more then one occasion.

The next morning under the watchful eye of what seemed like the entire base, Luke removed his worn black cape and donned his orange flight suit. Breathing in a deep sigh he hugged his friends. Lando, Han, Wedge, Chewie, and then...Leia. She had stood to the back, trying to not shed tears she knew were forming in the jungle planet's morning dampness. When he embraced her, she cried openly, but only to him. She hadn't wanted to let go, but knew this had to be done. Luke felt the strange feeling. He knew something was going to happen to him. Something horrible. He had felt it. He also knew however that if he flew the run, that even though something would happen, he might discover the problem, before the inevitable. He just prayed to the Force, that he would live to tell them about it.

Climbing into the prototype he turned his head one last time to see Leia grab on to Han. They both watched him with saddened expressions. The silence filled the air as he kicked the repulsors on and did the preflight. It had felt odd knowing Artoo was not in the ship with him, but he didn't want to endanger anyone or anything else in this run. He considered Artoo to be like one of his friends. He was definitely more then just a droid. After he had completed the preflight he took off. He had no longer felt the ground beneath him, and thought silently, as he slipped into the Force, he might not ever feel it again.

Now as his ship continued to spin, and he relived the memories of this mornings events. He wondered if he should have listened to his and Leia's nagging feelings. The Force knew this was going to happen. Then again so did he. He willingly took this risk. For the good of the New Republic. He watched the ground spin closer, and he let the Force calm him. One good thing however, he did discover the problem. It was an overheated power coupling. The metal it was made of could not support the heat given off by the repulsor's engines. When it became to hot its bolts melted. It then snapped, tearing the wires that connected to the repulsor system and then landed in the engine. The Republic would need to put a more efficient power coupling in the ships, or a better coolant system.

Relief that he had indeed found the problem was short-lived. He was still in mortal danger as black smoke and flames engulfed the engines. As he passed over the stunned crowd he reached out to the Force, to try to levitate the ship to a graceful landing. All of a sudden, he felt a ripple as cold and as chilling as the dark side itself. A scream followed, shaking him out of his concentration. Her signature in the Force winked out, and he knew it was Leia. She was witnessing the danger from the ground below, or had been. She must have fainted at the sight of his fiery star fighter. He saw the ground; it was too late to reach for the Force again. He would never grasp it in time. Had he not been so distraught by Leia's scream, he might have been able to float gently to safety. Then abandon the ship before it exploded from the flames.

He desperately tried to think of another idea, he figured scraping bottom would be better then hitting nose first. In a last ditch effort, he pulled his control stick toward him, straightening the ship, just before it collided with the planet below.

It scorched the plants in its path as it continued its journey through the wilderness, branches hitting his cockpit window. Luke vaguely remembered a similar situation, on Dagobah 3 years ago. He tried to reach for the Force again, trying to put himself in a hibernation trance. He wasn't quite sure if he made it though, as the ship struck a tree and the darkness overtook him.


Leia watched as Luke's A-wing streaked across the sky. She had never heard a ship make those kinds of sounds in her life! Something was terribly wrong! She knew he was in danger before he ever entered the cockpit. Luke knew something was going to happen, conveyed his message through the Force. Why did he go then? She remembered the night before, his discussion about having to do it for the good of the Republic.

Her brother, her Jedi brother, her selfless martyr Jedi brother. Did he ever put his own needs ahead of a galaxy that longed to be free? Did his own welfare ever cross his mind? No. Not Luke Skywalker. A poor moisture farmer, he slaved his whole life for everything he had had, even his meals. Nothing like how she was raised. All she had to do was ask, and the palace servants answered her requests. Now that she thought about it, Leia had never once, in all the time she had known him, ever heard him even mention wanting anything. He just wasn't used to it. Luke still insisted on doing things for himself. He always said he didn't want to burden anyone, even when she insisted it was their job. All he longed for was flying, freedom, and to touch the Force. He had achieved all that. A hero in the eyes of millions, yet he still asked for nothing in return.

The A-wing screeched by again, but this time, she caught site of thick billows of black smoke!
His fighter was on fire! She raised her hands to her mouth in horror. Han wrapped his arms around her. She sought the calm within his soul, only to find his heart was beating as fast as hers. She let the Force wrap around her, and embraced it. She heard the silent cries of her friends around her, felt the fear in Han's body, and the calm state of her brother.

No! He was dying! She could feel his life slip through the fingers of the Force that he held so dear. Images flooded her mind. Things he was seeing. The smoke, the sparks, then the planet, and the wilderness. No! She said silently to herself again. The images changed and became memories. Luke's memories.

She watched as his life flash before her eyes! Tatooine, the farm, using the Force as a child, feeling a strap against his back for even daring to touch it! His loving aunt, his Jedi hating uncle, Ben Kenobi, Artoo and Threepio, lightsaber-father's lightsaber, death, discovery, Yoda, dreams coming true, sister, destiny, father redeemed, a new family. Through his memories she discovered more of him then what she thought existed. However all his memories were laced with pain. Always pain, every single one.

All this was information overload! Too much, too much of him to handle all at once! Her head began to hurt. She pounded at it with her fists, trying to fight back his pain. She reached blindly for him in the Force, only to find he had slipped away! "Nooooooooooo!" She screamed. She felt her blood run cold, and fell lifeless in Han's arms.
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I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by Jedi Master » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:57 am

Nothing like a melodramatic story! :D Great work once again! It's good to read fanfics that aren't just the normal run-of-the-mill. Interesting perspective.
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Fri Aug 08, 2003 1:07 am

That's what I'm going for with my work. I write in almost every genre and I'm big into original plot lines. That's probably why I was a popular writer on other boards.

Glad you liked it my friend. More to come I promise! :D

I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by viper2843 » Fri Aug 08, 2003 4:40 pm

Jedi Master said it well. Another great story. I like how it is different than other fan fics that I have read. Keep em comin' PT! :D 8)
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Thu Aug 14, 2003 3:25 pm

"Leia!" Han yelled.

He held her limp form in his outstretched hands. One moment she was standing stiff and in horror, as Luke's A-wing flew overhead. Then suddenly, she released a long suppressed sigh, as her back arched and she fell towards the ground. He had barely caught her, as he had been enthralled by the sight of the burning star fighter.

He fell to his knees, cradling her in his arms. Chewie fell immediately at his side, to aid him with the unconscious Princess.

"Leia? Sweetheart? You there?" He shook her gently.

Lando, and Wedge, noticing what had happened joined their comrades on the flagstone entranceway.

"What happened?" Lando asked in shocked amazement.

"I don't know?" Han said, stroking her long hair. "But I think it must have something to do with Luke." He gazed, towards the sky, wondering where the Sith he had disappeared to.

The group strained their eyes, searching through the depleting black clouds. They desperately tried to divide their attention between the fallen princess, and her missing Jedi twin.

All of a sudden a loud crash was heard to the west. All stares turned in the direction. A moment of silence filled the air, as no one in the hanger bay spoke a word. The quartet of friends looked in each others distressed eyes.

"Luke..." Wedge said breathlessly, refusing to look away from the forming smoke clouds.


The silence broke as General Madine and Mon Mothma began hollering orders all over the place: "Get a medical staff hurry....someone get out....he may be gravely injured....he might be dead"

The docking bay became a completely dysfunctional array of confused pilots, techs, and government officials.

"I don't know about you but I'm heading out there!" Lando shouted to Han. He got to his feet, and began marching away.

"Lando-" Han started.

"Han, I owe it to him. After what happened at Bespin. I never forgave myself for letting him fall so willingly into Vader's hands like that. I'm reminded of it evey time I see his right hand." Lando spoke in an unsettled tone.

"Besides, he's my friend. One of the few who never judged me for my past. Just liked me for who I was. The galaxy needs more men like that." He pointed towards the smoke. "I'll be damned I'm going to let that boy suffer again, knowing I could do something about it!"

Han stared. He had never seen Lando like this. He had to admit, the Kid had that kind of an impact on people. All you had to do was look in those infamous blue eyes, and you could never imagine your life without his company. Han knew to well the impact. Luke had worked his magic of acute innocence on him several years ago. He brought out a part of Han that Han never knew existed, simply by just being Luke.

"I'm right with you boss!" Wedge exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

Lando nodded and they took off knowing full well Han had to stay with Leia.

Han had wanted to go with them. He was really worried about Luke. He was also worried about Leia too. The way she started shaking, when she placed her fists on her head. Then the blood curdling scream she let out before collapsing. He took off his jacket, and folded it into a pillow to lay her head on. Han knew her reaction had something to do with whatever was shared between her and Luke before he crashed; he just hoped the Kid was alright.


Knowing full well they were heading for Luke, Mothma directed a small group to follow and help. She tried to keep her strong poise, tried to fight against her disturbing thoughts. Mothma could not fall apart in front of her troops. Luke was important to the formation of their new Republic. However she had also grown to like the boy, respect him even. Thank the Force someone had finally pulled themselves together to go after him. No surprise, it was two of Jedi Skywalker's closest friends.


In the distance, Lando heard her command. It didn't matter though. He didn't particularly care if a thousand storm troopers were hot on their heels. The only thing that counted, was getting to the ship, and getting Luke out of that cockpit!

Lando knew Luke's A-wing was on fire. He had seen it flame up right before his eyes, just before it disappeared into the jungle and crashed. He may be trapped, unconscious even! If he and Wedge didn't hurry to get him out, the ship would explode, with Luke in it.

They continued on struggling against the smoke that consumed the air around their bodies.

They ran for what seemed like years. But between the dust, smoke, and falling leaves, they were having a hard time finding the ship.

Wedge stopped, as the exhaust fumes became thicker, nearly choking him.

Lando shielded his mouth and nose as best he could with the collar of his shirt. He grabbed Wedge by the sleeve to help him along.

Forcing back their choking gasps for air, they gazed through the remnants of smoldering trees. It was becoming incredibly difficult to see. They continued to search frantically, looking for anything that could be linked to the ship. Something to let them know they were on the right path to finding their fallen comrade.

As Wedge gazed through the smoke, his squinted eyes finally focused on a series of small, blurry lights. Blinking in a delicate rhythm. //Lights!// Wedge thought, staring in amazement, forgetting about the settling dust, he stretched out a finger.

"Look...the...ship's...safety...lights!" Wedge stated gasping for air.

Lando quickly looked to where Wedge was pointing. He saw them! //About time! // he commented to himself.

"Come on!" Lando said.

As they ran they tried desperately to clear away the smoke, coughing as they went.

"Luke?!" Wedge yelled

"Luke?!" Lando joined in.

they called his name repeatedly as they inched closer to the down fighter. The heat from the A-wing became intense as they drew nearer, following the blinking lights. The smoke increased, dimming the lights even further. Suddenly they disappeared into the smoke. Figuring they were close they reached out to feel their way to the ship. Shouting Luke's name as they went.

They felt around, trying to make contact with the A-wing, they weren't succeeding, and time was wearing thin. //Where was the ship? Why wasn't Luke answering them? // they thought. Their thread of hope was beginning to fray. They became discouraged. He could be dying as they blindly continued to search. Luke might have been able to find things, lost in oblivion, without his senses. But they were not Jedi, not even close! Just concerned friends, it was like looking for a needle in a hay stack, they wouldn't find him at this rate.

Their hopes began to dwindle, as their friend had not answered their calls. The smoke and fumes were making it harder to breathe, and they knew they had gone completely off course from where they were before. They were getting nowhere. They would never find him in time. The ship would soon explode taking them with it, if they didn't get out. There was nothing they could do for him now; they had done everything they could. It was also a sad but safe bet that with the increasing smoke, if he'd been alive he no doubt had suffocated by now.

Fearing the worst, the two men, unwillingly surrendered to the fear that collected in their minds. Luke Skywalker. The last of the Jedi was dead.


They began to turn back, trying desperately in their minds to form the right words and the courage to tell Leia, Luke was gone. A breeze passed by the men. Thinking nothing of it, the duo continued their slow, mournful walk back to base. Then a second breeze blew by, fiercer then the first. Lando stopped in his tracks as he let the fresh air fill his lungs, forcing back the tears, he knew were forming behind his open eyes. His open eyes! He could see, clearly! The smoke around him was gone! He turned back to face the never ending cloud of smoke, they had walked away from. Instead in its place was the emerging ship, no longer on fire.

"Wedge! Look!" Lando exclaimed.

Maybe it was nature, or maybe it was the will of the Force itself, but in that moment, strong winds gathered around them, passing over the site. The breezes cleared out nearly three-quarters of the smoke, then ceased as quickly as they had begun.

Wedge and Lando wasted no time running towards the ship. Smiles creased their lips, but they knew it was no time for rejoicing. They reached its port side, shocked at how mangled and carbon scorched the wreck truly was. Its crumpled body was embedded firmly in what was left of a large Borian tree, and covered in layers of the forest's foliage. //If Luke was alive, // Wedge thought to himself, // he was truly blessed by a higher power. //

The pair began wiping off the canopy of the spacecraft; pushing aside twigs, leaves, and other plant debris. Lando climbed onto a broken branch, and began fighting to open the cockpit. Colorful curses in several different languages oozed from his mouth as he strained at the hatch.

Wedge stood nearer the ground, waiting with annoyed patience for the seal to break. He heard it open! //Finally!// He smiled, releasing a sigh of relief.

Smoke rose from the cockpit's interior, making its way into the damp air, as Lando began waving his hands over the area, trying to push the smoke aside.

As the cloud gave way he saw Luke. A grim expression crossed his face, and his brow furrowed as he looked down at his bruised and broken friend.

His unconscious, expressionless face laid on the board, facing towards Lando, his mouth partly open. Blood formed from a cut on his lip.

He was hunched over the control board, which was nearly broken away from the ship itself. Parts of the board were melted, as the cut and stripped wires shot white hot sparks all over the cockpit. Lando noticed several burns on Luke's face and arms. His left arm was sprawled out straight on the console, receiving the most painful of the burns, as the sparks leapt up to his motionless fingers. His legs were trapped by the intense weight of the terminal, and his right hand was limply coiled around the control stick, the arm pinned by his own dead weight. A small pool of blood from an extremely deep gash on the right side of his head trickled around the different switches and knobs falling in droplets and causing an increasing stain to form on his orange flight suit. He had several more visible cuts, and bruises, too many for Lando to count. Not to mention other injuries.

He looked Luke over again. He was so pale and cold to the touch, Lando was sure he was dead. He then noticed a very slow movement from Luke's battered form, as his back rose slightly, and fell again. //Was Luke breathing?!// Lando, stretched a hand into the spark filled cockpit. As long as he didn't shake the console there would be no sparks. He didn't want to inflict anymore wounds on Luke, he had so many already.

Shaking with nervousness, he touched Luke's neck. Feeling around, he sighed with relief. Luke had a pulse! A very weak one, but a pulse none the less.

He was alive!

"Is...he...?" Wedge asked, swallowing a lump in his throat. He couldn't finish the question. He didn't want to know.

"He's alive!" Lando yelled down to Wedge.

Wedge smiled broadly at the news, then released a breath he had no idea he had been holding.

"Thank the Force!"
I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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