Double Legacy (4.5 yrs after ROTJ) UPDATE 8/14!!

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Double Legacy (4.5 yrs after ROTJ) UPDATE 8/14!!

Post by Princess_Tranquility » Thu Aug 07, 2003 1:19 am

I'm the first fanfic! I'm the first fanfic! This is so cool! I hope you all enjoy this story, I have a total of 12 complete SW novels hope you all like my work!


4.5 years following the battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa-Solo begin helping the Rebels in rebuilding the New Republic. During this short time of peace, Luke and Leia begin wondering about their mother. Who was she? What happened to her? Where did she come from? And who were they really? They knew their father’s dark past, but even his life was a mystery.

As they attempt to piece together a fabricated past, Luke discovers a pendant that once belonged to their mother. With that as a guide, and a twist of events that lead them to the truth, they discover that she was a resident of a mid rim planet known as Naboo. The two of them venture there in hopes of discovering her past and theirs.

Accompanied by Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Rouge Squadron, and the droid duo R2-D2 and C3PO.They begin their trek to the once powerful planet. There they discover it in ruins, and its people in poverty, what had happened here? As their past becomes more in focus, they discover the truth of a life they never knew, and Luke discovers a part of himself he didn’t know existed. He was the King.

As the planets inhabitants look towards him for guidance and help with an unimaginable foe. Luke is faced with the hardest decision of his life, saving the planet and taking his place as King or continuing with his plans of rebuilding the Jedi. Caught between two worlds that need him desperately to survive. He must make a choice.

Chapter One

“The last of the command ships are coming in.,â€
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Thu Aug 07, 2003 6:36 pm


Let's not all post at once...

Maybe if I put up another part someone will respond...please? :(

Chapter Two

//Where was he? // Han thought to himself. Taking in the surroundings, he noticed he was still standing in the docking bay of the Palace on Coruscant. The last thing he remembered was a heated argument with Wedge. Something....about...the Falcon... He heard his name called, somewhere in the distance. The visions of the moments before collected in his mind again, as he began reshaping the memory. The argument became clear, and though he still should have been angry, his body temperature didn't even flinch with his building rage.

"Han-" Leia's call came again.

Turning he saw his wife running towards him. Her hand was clasped tightly around Luke's wrist, keeping him in tow as they ran.

"Han-" that was Luke's voice.

As they came up beside him, Han locked eyes with Luke. It only took a moment for him to realize, that his suppressed anger had been the result of some mind trick Luke had used on him.

"I thought-" he began waving a finger at the Jedi "that I told you never to do that to me!"

Han wanted to be angry, angry that his ship was busted again. The hyper drive was forever giving him trouble, forever wearing on what little patience he had. As he saw Luke's defeated expression, he began to feel bad about snapping at the Kid.

He was surprised at his short temper. He had thought after dealing with Luke's Jedi crap for nearly 5 years, the things the Kid preached had started rubbing off on him. Patience being at the top of the list. However, after the harrowing experience at Terrus, his impatience had returned. He had formed a short fuse with everyone involved with the mission, from Mon Mothma on down.

"Relax" Leia spoke smoothly, grasping his shoulder.

Gazing into her warm brown eyes, he began to feel even calmer. He let out a sigh, and then reached up to run a dirty hand through his hair.

Releasing a short laugh, he gave his trademark smile.

"Hey" he said. "I'm fine."

Leia smiled. Luke looked on, his bright but calm blue eyes piercing Han's heart.

He really felt bad for yelling at him. Maybe his impatience was only with the people outside his small circle of family and friends. Maybe, someday it would reach beyond them. Then again, as he gazed out to the techs near his ship and frowning, maybe not.

He took a step closer to Luke, and set a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Luke."

Luke looked up; he had known Han really wasn't angry with him, just miffed about his ship. Then again, Han had mentioned in the past, how he despised Luke using the Force on him. Maybe he shouldn't have done that.

"Its okay-" Luke began, letting a smile cross his face. "I know you're only upset about the Falcon." He spoke, looking back at it.

"Yeah I am." Han sighed again. “But you know I hate it when you do that." Han said in a calmer yet still aggravated tone.

“I am sorry though." He smiled, trying not to look in Luke's eyes.

Luke nodded; he knew Han was just tired.

Wishing not to discuss it further, Luke decided to change the subject.

"We should head back to the apartment."

A confused expression crossed Han's features.

"Wedge is coming up."

"Oh...yeah..." Han said rubbing the back of his neck. He'd temporarily forgotten. He shouldn't have been so upset with Wedge either; after all he was only trying to help. Han trusted him. Counted him among his closest friends. Hadn't He just got done saying he experienced no impatience with his friends? Another person to apologize too. He seemed to be doing that ever since they had arrived at Terrus.

They watched as Chewie finished helping Wedge unload the Falcon from the Resurrection’s holding bay.

Luke felt Han's internal struggle with his ever fuming impatience. Han kept referring back to the negotiations. He wondered what had happened there.

Leia watched as Luke slipped into deep thought. She felt him, as he asked her opinion, on Han's hot tempered actions. She mentally shrugged, answering with a silent //I don't know//.

Wedge began walking towards them, wiping his hands on his filthy navy colored worksuit. Chewie walked briskly behind him. The two laughed, as they shared a small conversation.

"How's she doing?" Han asked Wedge.

"She'll be fine!" Wedge said with a laugh. "She only needs a new hyper drive motivator installed."

"Only?!" Han said with shocked eyes.

Luke shared in his agreement, that was a rather large procedure, one that would take nearly a week to fix and run tests on.

"She'll be alright; my crew will work on her, night and day if they have to."

Han back stepped a little.

"If it's okay with you Wedge, I'd like to fix the Falcon myself, there are a lot of special modifications you don't-"

Wedge cut him off. "Hey, it's up to you, you want to fix her yourself, go ahead. I don't want to be responsible anyways for putting the ship's entire repulsor system, or something out of commission, by crossing the wrong wires" He pointed a finger at Han. "You and Chewie are the only ones that know how that ship is put together anyway." Wedge began walking away.

Han realized, he had snapped at a friend again. Dammitt! He had to stop that.

He grabbed Wedge's shoulder. He turned to look at Han with exhausted brown eyes.

"Yeah?" he said tiredly.

"I'm....well-" Han began.

"What?" Wedge prompted, turning to face him.

"I'm sorry, you were just trying to help, and I was jumping all over you like wamp rats on a dead animal." Han said looking down at the metallic floor.

"It's alright Han." Wedge said, giving a smile. He crossed his arms "You going soft on us Solo?" He asked laughing.

Luke just couldn't help but smile at the comment.

"Me?!" Han said gesturing at himself, looking up and widening his eyes in amazement. "No!...Han Solo a softie? What are you trying to do? Ruin my reputation?"

Wedge placed his hands on his hips.

Han smiled.

"Just don't tell anyone, alright?" He whispered quietly.

Chewie roared a low laugh, and Leia smiled, knowing he was telling the truth.

Han walked up to Leia wrapping his arms around her shoulders he leaned in to kiss her.

"Han..." she said quietly.

I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by viper2843 » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:53 pm

That was really good! :D You are very talented at writting. Do you have anymore?

You must excuse me for not reading it sooner. Between work, school starting soon, and maintaining the boards and the site, I can be a very busy person. I can bet the situation is probably similar for others here as well. Most of us will get to reading most topics but it might take us a while.

But anyway, keep up the great work!
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Thu Aug 07, 2003 11:38 pm

I appreciate the comments Viper. I love writing SW fanfiction, it's my one true passion. I'll post another part maybe tomorrow, I want to see if I generate anymore posts first.

Thanks again my friend. :D

I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by Jedi Master » Thu Aug 07, 2003 11:58 pm

Wow, very nice work Princess!... :)

If you're interested, it would be great if I could post a few of your stories on my site! I have like two fanfics I will be putting on my site and your writing is great.

If you're interested let me know and we'll see!
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:09 am

Why thank you very much Jedi Master :oops:

I would love to add my stuff to your site, just let me finishing polishing it up. I'm a horrible perfectionist so when they are where I want them you'll be the first to recieve them.

I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by Jedi Master » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:33 am

Great! I must admit I am somewhat of a perfectionist myself! I know how it is wanting to get everything 'just right'. :D

Take as much time as you need! No rush!
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:40 am

Because you're being so sweet and since we're the only two on the boards right now I'm going to start posting another of my stories. Hope you like the other one too! :D

I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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Post by Jedi Master » Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:48 am

Sweet's my middle name... :wink: :oops: lol

Great! I'll check it out!
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Post by Princess_Tranquility » Thu Aug 14, 2003 3:21 pm

New update, please read on!!!

Chapter Four

Luke awoke the next morning to the burning of dawn on his face.

"Mmmm......" He moaned rolling onto his back.

Rubbing his face, he opened his eyes, still stinging from the sunlight streaming through his bedroom windows. Sitting up he began wondering how he had gotten there. The last thing he remembered was smoking a cigarette, drinking his glass of Corellian Brandy and the conversation about Han and Wedge's trip to Terrus. After that everything turned black and fuzzy.

Pushing the covers back he found he was still clothed from the night before. Luke shifted, allowing his legs to dangle over the edge of the bed. He rubbed his face again, trying to pull himself out of his sleep. He hadn't remembered the last time he had slept that well. Looking around he found his boots and pulled them on.

Standing, he moved towards the windows, opening them, allowing the warmth and the breezes of a typical Coruscant morning to cascade into his room. Stepping out onto the small vine covered balcony, he listened to the buzzing traffic and took in the sounds and scents of the people and the flowers of the world beneath him.

Closing his eyes, he began to piece together the memory of last night. After the group had left, Han had carried his exhausted body into his room. Leia then stripped and tucked him in. He laughed slightly at the thought of Han's caring gesture towards him. That wasn't Han's style. Han tried to pretend to be hard and calloused, but Luke knew better. Han had a real soft side. The hardest people often did. Look at his father.

Taking one last breath of air, he stepped back into his room, and stopped in front of the vanity mirror. He ran a hand through his hair, shaking it back into a mess of tossed locks. He sighed, would he ever look older then 16? He shifted his hair to the side a little, //No that looks worse then before.// He thought, shaking his head. //Oh well, there were worse things then looking young. // He figured. Picking up his cloak he exited the room.


"Do you think Luke is ever going to get up?" Han asked over his breakfast, of anorian spice cakes, and caf.

"Give him a break; he hasn't slept well in awhile." Leia said setting her breakfast down on the table. She reached out to touch her brother's mind, and smiled.

"What?" Han asked noticing her brightened expression.

Suddenly he was startled away from her as the door to Luke's room opened.

"Morning Kid." Han said, lifting his fork to his mouth.

Han noticed that besides the overall famished impression of the Kid, Luke didn't look to well.

Luke gave a slight smile, before being pulled into a loving embrace by his sister.

Han looked on.

Leia loved him. Han knew that. But he sometimes wished she loved him like she loved Luke. Oh he knew they were closer because of being siblings, but he still felt a twinge of jealousy when she seemed to express more emotion towards Luke then him, her own husband.

He looked down into his anorian cakes again, then back up to see them an arms length away from each other, sharing a quiet conversation. Leia glowed with a happiness Han could never reach with her. Happiness she saved only for her brother.

It was hard to be competing with a man Han knew there was no competition with. But for some reason he still had the urge to fight his silent war.

The thing that bothered him however when he looked at his wife in the gentle arms of her twin brother, was that had there been a contest between them for Leia's affections, he knew hands down, he would have lost.

Luke had much more to offer then he did. Not just appearance wise, but his wisdom, his character, and his honesty. Then there were his Force abilities! He could never compete with that! Luke was on a completely out of reach pedestal.

More respected then any man in the galaxy; Luke would be quite a catch for whatever woman was lucky enough to get swept off her feet by the last of the Jedi. A spot many women would sacrifice anything and everything to be in. Thank the Force Leia was not that woman. Jedi or not, Han would have had to fight him then.

He knew having these feelings, and thinking those thoughts about his best friend (Well next to Chewie that was.) was stupid. The Kid meant a lot to him, he just sometimes wished he was the only man in Leia's life, regardless of Luke being her brother or not. The only reason he hadn't mentioned it to Luke was because, he knew they were the only family the other had. He wouldn't deny them each other.

Luke was now more then just his closest friend, he was his brother in law too. Whether he wanted to accept it or not Han was related to Luke, through marriage.

To be honest, Han admitted to himself, he liked having the Kid in his life. He thought of Luke as a brother, always feeling a protective nature towards him, especially after Kenobi's death. The Kid had known him not even a week, and had been stranded with no one but a bunch of strangers he was forced to rely on.

If you had told him 8.5 years earlier. That the stubborn farm boy from Mos Eisley who's first words to him was that of an argument, would one day be related to him, he probably would have laughed in your face. Then again had you told him he would get involved with the Rebellion, and become one of it's most respected leaders and role models too, he probably would have shot you dead instead.

Funny how things turn out.


"Come and have something to eat." Leia said ushering her brother to a chair.

Luke took a seat to the right of Han, and watched as Leia moved to Han's side.

"I'll be right back!"

She kissed him on the cheek, and then smirked in his gray eyes, as she exited into the kitchen.

Luke poured himself a cup of the caf that was set in the middle of the table. Han watched as Luke stirred listlessly with the spoon for several minutes. Staring into the black oblivion of the mug.

"You okay Kid?" Han asked setting a hand on Luke's arm.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah." He said looking up into Han's eyes.

"Just thinking." Luke said looking back at the cup.

"About what?" Han asked lifting another bite of the cakes to his mouth.

Luke sat back, gazing up at the ceiling and released a suppressed sigh.

Han watched him as he lifted his right leg onto the chair, and then rested a hand on his knee. //Something was really bugging him. // Han thought.

"About our mother. There are so many questions Leia and I have. Who she was, where she lived, what she did..." Luke said loudly with a dark enthusiasm. He turned his head down to gaze at the floor. His eyes filling with sorrow. "Why she abandoned us." He finished in a quiet, and defeated tone.

"Luke I'm sure she hadn't wanted to abandon you or Leia!" Han stated in his best optimistic voice.

Luke looked up at him, and for the first time he saw how grief-stricken Luke was.

Han felt like his heart was being ripped into pieces, at the sight of Luke's gaunt and pale features, the Kid was losing weight. No wonder he felt like no more then a child in his arms last night. Luke was so distraught by the questions in his mind, and the desperate search for his and Leia's mother, that the Kid was not eating. //Well with questions of abandonment weighing on my mind, I'd probably suffer a loss of appetite too. // Han thought to himself.

He backed up a little, and Luke went back to stirring his caf.

Leia entered the room carrying a plate of the anorian cakes, and placed it in front of her brother. Taking her seat, she waited for Luke to begin eating.

He just gazed at them, and then sat back staring at the wall across the table, slipping into deep thought.

"Luke, please eat something." Leia said pushing the plate closer to him.

Leia had been worried about him; he had barely eaten a thing in the last 2 weeks. What good would it do him to starve himself into unconsciousness? It wasn't going to answer their questions any. It would just result in him having to spend a week in the med center, and probably sessions with a psychiatrist for depression.

She waited and relaxed a little as he sighed and began pushing the cakes around the dish with his fork.

Luke had heard her thoughts. //What good would it do him? // He thought. //None, that’s for sure. And if he did end up in the med center and someone discovered their mother's identity, he would have to wait until he was strong enough before he could follow the lead. // He had to eat; he had lost nearly 15 lbs. in the last 2 weeks. His clothes were becoming big on him, and he was feeling lightheaded all the time. He didn't want to have another episode like last night, before Han and the guys had shown up. He just wasn’t hungry though. He'd force himself then.

He lifted a bite to his mouth, feeling the tension in the room relax. Han and Leia began eating as well.

"Where's Chewie?" Luke asked.

"He headed out early this morning to start repairs on the Falcon." Han stated, wiping his mouth with a napkin. He took one last sip of his caf, and then stood up.

"That's where I'm headed." Han said.

He walked over to Leia. Kissing her, and whispered something quietly in her ear, he then moved towards the door.

He was worried about Luke. Luke had one flaw, he blamed everything on himself. Always thinking the worst, and wallowed too much in self inflicted pain and pity. He needed to take the Kid's mind off of his latest internal struggle.

"Hey Kid, when you're done eating, why don't you join us? You're spending too much time concentrating on this; it'll take your mind off of it. Besides I could use your weird little extra sensory power to help me find any internal problems, I can't see." Han said giving a wide grin.

Luke looked up at him, with sad eyes.

"Come on! Can't you stop being a Jedi hero for one day, and climb into a pair of coveralls and get nice and dirty, doing what you really love? Instead of trying to uphold an image, you think you need to uphold. No one is going to view you differently. Come on! Come back to your roots for just a few hours. You'll feel better, might even work up an appetite." Han said, crossing his arms.

Luke thought about it for a moment. //What harm could it do? // He missed working with the ships. He could use a change of pace. If he spent another day, wallowing in his thoughts he'd waste away to nothing.

Leia patiently waited. She hoped he accepted Han's invitation. He needed to think about something else for awhile. She hated watching him walk around the palace aimlessly, searching for answers that wouldn't come.

"Alright" Luke said. He smiled up at Han.

"Great! See you in an hour?" Han asked.

"Fine, an hour." Luke replied.

Han grinned at him then exited the apartment.

Luke looked at Leia. She smiled broadly. He smiled back, feeling color returning to his face.

//Maybe this will do me some good. // He thought taking another bite.

Chapter Five

Luke walked into his room, debating a shower.

//No, I'm just going to get dirty again. // He thought as he looked towards the fresher.

He instead stripped down to a pair of his usual black military pants, and a form fitting black tee shirt.

As he changed he noticed the pendant he had been wearing for the last three days.

It was an odd looking trinket.

An old warn gold cryptic symbol.

It was quite a fancy one at that, embellished with lot's of swirls and strange markings, in a language he had never seen before.

He tugged at it a little, fumbling with the gold chain it hung from.

He had discovered it in the Republic's dead files.

It was in an old envelope, with a name scribbled on it. Unfortunately the name had worn off, leaving behind nothing but a series of smudges.

After opening the envelope, he removed the pendant, and instantly felt a comforting sensation radiate from it. He had searched the envelope, praying that there was a slip of paper proving some type of ownership to the strange charm, but nothing emerged.

He concentrated on the feeling for the hundredth time, and in an instant the same vision appeared before his mind's eye.

A woman.

She was smiling down at him, caressing his head with her soft hands. Sweat ran down her face, along with tears. Her long hair was half undone, and looked stringy next to her flushed complexion.

Her warm brown eyes comforted him.

Just like Leia's.

He saw himself reach up for her.

His fist took hold of the charm she wore, on a short chain just above the collar of her dirt stained tank top.

She laughed as she looked up at man, with long golden hair, and a soft beard.

The man smiled down at him, taking hold of his other hand.

"He's beautiful Obi-Wan." She said looking up at the older man.

Luke held onto the pendant as they talked for another moment, in words he couldn't recognize.

He never let go of the necklace. Even after he felt himself being snatched from her arms and carried by Obi-Wan into the darkness.

The necklace fell to the floor, along with a scream from his mother.

He snapped into full awareness, just like all the other times, feeling a cold sweat cover his body.

Leia came running into the room.

"Luke, Luke, are you alright?" She asked in a panicked voice.

She relaxed when she saw him standing in front of his vanity, hand clasped around something hanging from a chain at his neck.

"Luke?" She said "I've been banging at your door for the last 5 minutes. I thought something terrible had happened. I felt this pain rush through you and-"

She stopped as he turned to face her, gaping at his paled features.

"Luke what happened?" Leia asked touching his cheek.

He looked toward the floor, and sighed, pulling her hand from his face, he removed the necklace and laid it in her open palm.

She looked down, as she felt a loving warmth fill her.

Seeking the comfort of his bed, she sat on it stiffly, pulling him down by the wrist with her.

Luke plopped down, looking to the right of him at his confused sister.

"Where did you get this?" She spoke to him with pleading eyes.

"I found it in the dead files." Luke answered.

Leia looked at it again.

"It's mothers!" She said in a shocked voice.

"I know."

"Was there anything else in the area where you found it?" She asked.

"No, and trust me I looked!" He said with a laugh.

"It's strange." She began. She opened his hand and laid the pendant in it.

Luke looked down, then up at Leia's face.

He had meant for her to keep the necklace.

"But, I was giving it-" He started.

"I know." Leia cut him off. "But it's connected to you. Somehow. It's not my place to take it."

Luke looked at it again, tears nearly filling his eyes.

Leia took the necklace and placed it around his neck, clasping it.

She straightened the charm, smiling at him, as she ran a hand through his hair.

"There, that's better. It belongs on you." She said with an enthusiastic grin.

"Now what?" He asked returning her smile.

"Now my brother, you'll go help Han, before he becomes impatient again, and destroys something else on that ship." She said, laughing.

"Alright, I'm 5 minutes late anyways." He stated looking at his wrist chrono.

He grabbed the work suit off his chair pulling it on as he made his way to the door.

"Master Luke?" Threepio said, emerging from a far room.

"What is it Threepio?" Luke asked as he pulled the other pant leg up, and slid his arms into the sleeves.

Leia entered the living area. Staring at Threepio.

"It's Artoo; he says General Solo is waiting for you at docking pad JT36." Threepio finished.

"Tell him I'm on my way." Luke said adjusting the work suit’s collar.

Leia smiled at him, as Luke tightened a Velcro closure around his lightsaber.

He palmed the door open.

"Hurry back! Both of you! I'm making Cranarian fish for dinner." She shouted.

"We will." Luke said smiling as the door closed behind him.
I'm a renowned fanfic author on some other message boards and I hope that my stories take off as well in here as they did on on those ones. Feel free to PM or IM me whenever you want.

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