New Book Out-Darth Bane

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New Book Out-Darth Bane

Post by Jedi Jin Su » Thu Oct 05, 2006 5:15 am

I was at Borders this last weekend and saw that the latest in the new Star Wars fictions novels was on Darth Bane and why there is the rule of two. I must admit it did not look too bad. I read the last Darth Vader book, Rise of the Dark Lord and I thought it was much better written than some of the books I have picked up. It followed the movies well but still allowed for a more creative flow to the writing.

Anyway, I know quite a few people are familiar with the Darth Bane character from the Video Games so if you're interested I would check it out. It isn't in paperback yet so it is more expensive. It takes about six months for that.
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