The Force Unleashed Soundtrack

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The Force Unleashed Soundtrack

Post by Jedi Power » Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:59 am

Here is The Force Unleashed Soundtrack for anyone who may want it. The list of the tracks are below. It will not be available on my website to the general public. Enjoy!

The titles may be considered Spoilers
(SPOILER) 01-The Force Unleashed
02-General Kota and the Control Room Duel
03-Infiltrating the Junk Temple
04-Drexl's Raiders
05-Approaching Felucia
06-The Sarlacc Unleashed
07-Maris and the Bull Rancor
08-Proxy and the Skyhook
10-Juno Eclipse/ Finale
11-Bonus Track: Ton'yy Rho's Uglehop
End of track list.
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