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Prequel Game Idea

Post by Thoalos » Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:34 pm

This is set before the SW universe even had space travel. This is more of the SW's mid-evil times. Our hero Olias Sunhillow is leader of the revolution against the sith. Bloody battles, interesting uses of the force. King Bavin and his daughter Princess Barsalis, try to calm down the fighting, but they just can't. A new jedi named Vorsh Vegum promises allegence to King Bavin. Barsalis senses dead fish.

Meanwhile in the far away dessert land of zorko, a 14 year old boy is awaken by a violent dream. Being already trained in the jedi arts, Olias makes his way to vendeus city on horse back. He is obviously attack where ever he goes in this RPG. He makes it to the castle. Barsalis tells him about Vorsh Vegum, the evil man that swears alligence with her father. They both confront him. He needs more "sith troopers", he knocks them both out into a coma. They are both worthy of "sith lord" status. He injects them both with powerful midichlorians, then puts mind control chips in thier brains. They maybe more powerful than he is, but they are under his command. Thier (your), new mission is to kidnap as many people possible to kidnap and draft into the sith army. As the days go by, the sith empire swells almost a million a day. Most of the planet is posessed by sith magic. They dust away the rest of the jedi and viola, the rest of the republic is taken in for the kill. Just before they kill the last of the human's on this planet, the control chips wear out. They become good again and attack Vorsh Vegum. He dies and the "new" jedi for this planet bring back peace and prosperity, until the midichlorians get out of control and they begin fighting each other. Unfortunately they don't have doctors during this time, so they destroy each other. Olias survives as does Princess Jetun Barsalis. Jetun has no force left, but Olias is very strong. It is thier job to re-stock the jedi on this planet.


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